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What You Should Look For in Your Cosmetic Doctor

top tips Feb 09, 2020

If you are considering going under the needle, Dr Qian Xu offers you her 9 top tips for deciding who to trust your face with.

1. Get a recommendation from a trusted source.

It’s always better to get a recommendation from someone you trust. Don’t always believe what you read in magazines or social media. Just because a practitioner has a large following, doesn’t automatically make them better than others. Just because you go to a large, established clinic, it doesn’t always mean you will get an experienced doctor. The best aesthetics doctors are often the ones with independent practices, who you will never come across unless you are referred by someone.

2. Can you relate to the practitioner?

It’s important that you can relate to your cosmetic doctor or aesthetic practitioner. They need to understand your concerns and what kind of result you are going for in order to produce the best outcome for you. If your practitioners has had a lot of work done...

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