Qian Xu

Dr Qian Xu – Founder of Skin Aesthetics

Aesthetics Doctor BSC, BM , MRCS, MRCEM

I graduated from Southampton Medical School in 2008 and have subsequently worked in general and emergency medicine, surgery and intensive care.

I started specialising in aesthetic medicine in 2012. Since then I have performed hundreds of non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Most of my clients come to me for skin rejuvenation and non-surgical cosmetic treatment such as chemical peels and microneedling. I also offer a range of other treatments for anti-aging, body contouring and treating specific concerns. These treatments include dermal fillers, thread-lifting (non-surgical facelifts), fat-dissolving injections, and Botox® for excessive sweating, bruxism, wrinkle-relaxing, gummy smile and face slimming.

I am passionate about advising my clients about skin care and anti-aging treatments which create natural-looking, long-lasting results.

If you are worried about any of the following issues I can help you, so please get in touch today:

Acne or acne scars
Pigmentation or sun damaged skin
Lines and wrinkles
Excessive sweating
Face contouring
Body sculpting
Non-surgical face/neck lift

Why I chose aesthetic medicine

I realised the importance of skincare in 2011 when I suddenly and inexplicably developed a rash and lots of spots on my face. It took me nearly two years to get rid of them all. I remember the negative impact it had on my self-esteem so can really empathise with clients who tell me about similar feelings.

Through learning more about skincare, and using medical-grade skincare products, my skin has been looking fantastic since 2013. I have also helped many clients get the skin that they deserve, and I would really like to help you too.

Although I started my aesthetics career doing injections, I soon realised that injections are only a part of the bigger picture. Since I have seen the bigger picture, I have been able to help my clients more holistically through skin rejuvenation treatments and a little bit of injections here and there, give then longer lasting results and bring a smile back to their faces. That is why I do what I do.

Training and mentoring

I was a lead trainer and mentor at Harley Academy from May 2017 to May 2018, and taught medical aesthetics (Botox® and fillers) to healthcare professionals. Since leaving Harley Academy, I have been developing a more holistic training program for aesthetic practitioners to help the good ones succeed. If you are an aesthetics practitioner interested in aesthetics business mentoring to kickstart or to grow your business, please get in touch. I am always looking for like-minded practitioners to train up to join my team.