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Your Skin Doesn't Have to Give Away Your Real Age

Let us help you achieve healthier and more youthful looking skin.

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Most of our clients lead very busy lives, and they are looking for skin and anti-aging solutions which are quick, simple and affordable.

We understand that in order for you to get the best results long term, you need to be able to continue what you start with us. This is why Dr Qian and our team of doctors would always take into account your personal circumstances before recommending your treatment and maintenance plan, to make sure that it is realistic for you to maintain.

Understanding Skin Aging

Before we start treating anything, it's important to understand why you have developed those problems in the first place. This way, we can help you prevent further problems in the future. In order for you to get the best long term result, we need to work as a team. You need to take all the preventative measures and use the right skincare products at home to complement the treatments that we do for you in clinic. Let's begin by looking at the factors that speed up skin aging.

Intrinsic vs Extrinsic Aging

Intrinsic aging is what happens to all the cells in our body with the passing of time. This is something that we can't do anything about. With intrinsic ageing, the skin becomes thinner and develops soft fine lines. There would be minimal pigmentation and few, if any, deep folds.

Extrinsic aging is what happens to us due to external factors. Things like UV exposure, smoking, pollution, certain medications, stress, and sugar can all speed up the aging process. So these are the things that we need to prevent in order to slow down the ageing process.

Aging at Different Levels

There are 4 main layers of the face that we need to consider when it come to aging: The skin, the fat pads, the muscles and the bone. Changes take place in all 4 layers of the face, and it's the combination of all these changes that lead to what we see on the outside.

Skin: The 3 main components of the skin are collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. These gradually decrease with age, leading to thinning of the skin, which become more saggy and weaker. Coupled with the loss of volume from underneath, wrinkles and skin folds start to appear. The pigment producing cells, melanocytes, can become dysfunctional with increased UV exposure or skin trauma leading to pigmentation. 

Fat pads: There are a number of fat pads in the face, which gradually get smaller with the aging process. When the fat pads are full, the face looks plump and youthful. As the fat pads diminish, the cheeks start to look flatter, and the overlying skin starts to droop downwards making the nasolabial folds (i.e. the nose-to-mouth lines) deeper and contributing to the formation of jowls.

Muscle: There are many muscles that contribute to normal facial expressions. With repetitive muscle contractions, the overlying skin is folded repeatedly, and will start to develop static wrinkles. There is also a tendency for depressor muscles (those that pull things down) to become stronger than elevator muscles (those that pull things up). This, in combination with increased skin laxity and the effects of gravity, causes sagging of the face.

Bone: Just like the rest of the body, the bones of the face gradually shrink too. This leads to the widening of the eye sockets, which can make the eyes look more sunken. The cheek bones get smaller, making the cheeks look even flatter. The jaw bone thins and becomes more pointy at the chin, which can make any jowls appear more pronounced.

In order to give you the best, and most natural-looking result, we would need to take a holistic approach and address all 4 layers with combination treatments.

Our 3-Step Approach to Facial Rejuvenation

Prevent - Rejuvenate - Enhance

1. Prevent Premature Aging

Prevention is better than cure. It is much easier to maintain good skin rather than treating it once the damage has already been done. Even if some damage has already been done, it is never too late to start preventing any further damage. Our first step is about identifying the risk factors which are speeding up the aging process, and take steps to avoid those. The other aspect of prevention involves using the right skincare products for your skin type, which we always advise on during the consultation.

2. Rejuvenate the Skin

Whether it's lines and wrinkles that bother you, or spots or pigmentation, this step is all about getting the skin to it's best condition possible, so that it would be easier to maintain. Skin treatments almost always require a course of treatments. This is because the skin is constantly regenerating itself, so only after a full skin cell cycle of 6-8 weeks can you see the optimum result. Our skin treatments include chemical peels, microneedling or mesotherapy. Depending on what we are treating, you may need a combination of these to give you the best results, and this is what we'll be discussing with you in the consultation.

3. Enhance the Overall Result

Although these treatments can dramatically enhance the overall result, they are not for everyone. This step consists of the injectable treatments such as botulinum toxin and dermal fillers, which carry more risks than the skin treatments. The aims of these treatments are to modify excessive muscle contractions to re-balance the face, or to replace volume that has been lost through the aging process. Most people are happy with the skin after steps 1 and 2 and decide not to have anything invasive, which is absolutely fine. The pros and cons of each procedure with be explained to you during the consultation, so you can make an informed decision.

Let’s work together to help you feel great in your own skin.

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Your Consultation With One of Our Doctors:

We treat every patient individually, taking the time to understand what has happened to your skin, what you are currently suffering with and working towards, preventing it happening again in the future to ensure your skin is shining and your smile is beaming.

Your initial consultation will last between 45 minutes to an hour, and in this consultation, we will uncover past damage, assess your current symptoms and create a plan to ensure your skin looks great in the future.

We offer this free of charge because we want you to be sure that we can help you before you spend any money with us.

Your Journey to Younger Looking Skin Starts Here

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What Happens Next?

Once you have booked your initial consultation at one of Skin Aesthetics clinics, you will meet with your Doctor who will examine your skin and ask questions to understand your concerns in a holistic way. They will follow the 3-step approach to give you a complete treatment plan, which will always include skincare advice, often some skin treatments, and if necessary, injectable treatments.

The treatment phase will last around 2-3 month, by which time you will see the optimum result for your skin. At that time, you will meet with your doctor again, who will review your skin and advise you on your maintenance regime.

Your Skin Rejuvenation and Anti-aging Clinic

Skin Aesthetics was founded by Dr. Qian Xu to set and maintain a high standard within the aesthetics industry. We believe that aesthetics is not about keeping up with current trends, but it is about having healthy, radiant skin, and maintaining your natural features for as long as possible. It is about bringing out the best version of yourself.

This is why we take a much more holistic approach, which not only will help you look great, but will also leave you feeling happier, and more confident over the long term.

Through our 3-step approach of Prevent, Rejuvenate and Enhance, one of our doctors will create a personalised treatment plan for you to give you the results you want within your budget, and teach you how you can maintain the results for as long as possible.

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