Trusted Partners

Our Trusted Partners and Collaborators


We have a few carefully selected partner businesses who can offer services which complement what we offer. They are selected based on their experience, expertise and the great service that they provide. We do not recommend anyone based on financial gains.



Dr Justine Kluk MBChB MRCP (UK)

Consultant Dermatologist

Dr Justine Kluk is a London-based consultant dermatologist & skincare expert with a specialist interest in acne and acne scarring.  Her boutique private dermatology clinic is located on Harley Street.
Dr Justine’s approach is caring, non-judgmental and highly personalised and her treatment strategies are evidence-based and scientifically verified. Combining the latest and most effective prescriptions and procedures with individualised instruction on skincare, she is passionate about helping you feel really good about your skin.

Hana Manthorpe

Mindset Coach (The Mental Movement)

Hana Manthorpe is a Mindset Coach and works closely with us to help you feel your best. Although we can help you look better on the outside, if you do not improve your mindset, you still will not feel your best.
What you think will determine what you feel, which will determine what you do, and this will influence the outcomes you experience in your life. This will then feed back to your feelings, whether it’s positive or negative. Hana can help you understand your thoughts and feelings, and support you in turning any negative thoughts into positive ones, and ultimately helping you feel better about yourself and those around you.
As a special offer for our clients, she has kindly agreed to offer you a free 30 minute conversation to start your journey towards more happiness and contentment in your life. Book your call today.